MC Moneypenny - Bernin Down Da Haus

by MC Moneypenny

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This is a Bernie Sanders Novelty Rap Anthem for the 2016 Campaign --- Lets make history!!! Donate ---->

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Beats by Azwan

Recording by Gamble


Bernie Sanders
The man of the hour
Whispy gray hairs still fighting the power
He will cleanse our system gone sour
Straight outta Vermont like an eclectic flower

Speaking truth to the microphone
He knows America can’t do this alone
He knows the struggle that we bemoan
He votes on the issues bring your tissues
You’ll have tears of joy when you vote for this dude

He speaks truth backed by anger
Middle class gutted populist rancor
Greed holding us back like an anchor
Gotta alter the course of our wayward tanker

Bernie bernie bernie help us please
KochedUp congress our disease
Bein prez is your destiny
So we would like to give you the whitehouse keys
We’re drowning in credit card fees

I got Shillary Beef
Smelling Hillary Queef
Shillary is a corporate Shill
monsanto millz to pay the bills
Sitting on the board
Lying through her goard
Mixing up emails and deleting reports
That’s the Fracking truth - guy
You down with TPP? Yeah you me!
You down with TPP? You know Shillary Be
She wouldn’t tell you that -- she has no opinion
If she were prez Iran would be her dominion
She’d be under the desk with a stained blue dress
Wiping her mouth during the state of the union address


Bernie bernie bernie help us please
Phony Fox News is our disease
Bein prez is your destiny
You’ll end Wall Street impunity
Breaking banks like bruce lee

RepublicanT Elephant Dump Donald Trump
He be Ronald Chump
The future could be quite scary
If you vote for an heir with the most obvious hair-piece
He hires his crowds I wanna point it out
Wants to rape mexico but that’s not rasist though just kidding bro
its as obvious as your hairpiece flow
You build a wall around yourself and a moat around chump tower
Never underestimate the peoples power
Bernie’s a jewish tornado knocking out electric power
Chumps gonna rebrand the whitehouse
Tagging towers like banksy
Egotitst Narcissist gonna fights wars and devour
The middle class --- make this country crass
Chumps got billions but zero class
Morally and literally bankrupt like a bankster
Vote Chump and he’ll be like Assad---A gangsta
Inherited 200 million --- now worth Billions
He’ll bankrupt U.S. by the Trillions!
Flatten the grand canyon and build a pavilion

You’re not a war hero you’re a clown faced ass

Sanders, erupting like a Brooklyn volcano
Berning down the house
You know Bernie is gonna Tap Dat A$$et
Robin Hood Tax -- Free College
Filling your little heads with a bunch of knowledge
Won’t have to live at home or pay back loans
You can make fat beats and write dope poems
Bernie’ll give the man a vasectomy
Sandman bringing the remedy
for our collective labotomy
Mr. Sandman you should hire me!

!!! Let me be --- President !!!


released August 26, 2015
MC Moneypenny - Lyrics and Performance
Azwan - Beatmaster
John Gamble - Lyrics / Recording / Sanders Impression



all rights reserved


MC Moneypenny Providence, Rhode Island

MC Moneypenny is an informational rapper that writes anthems. You can find his past work on Youtube and Vimeo MC Moneypenny "Tap Dat A$$et" and "Land of the Fee" are available on iTunes

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